4 ways to install mobile games on Android

Google offers an application store for Android phones known as the Google Play Store. However, there are other ways than Google Play to install applications on your mobile. For example, you can use sideloading.

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  1. 1 Open the Google Play Store. This is the easiest and most reliable way to find gaming apps for your device. You can find the Play Store in your app manager or on your default home screen. You can also open it by tapping the shopping cart icon at the top right of your app manager. Once you’re in the store, you can browse or search for an app, then tap the “Download” button to begin the download. The application will automatically install as soon as the download is complete.
  2. 2 Create an account. Installing some games may require you to create a Google Account. This is highly recommended, as this account can be very useful for loading and saving game files. For added security, create an account when your device suggests it. If you already have an account, sign in before downloading your applications. Advertising
  1. 1 Open your browser. Look for applications using the touch keyboard, as this is the most convenient way to install applications. You can use your computer’s browser by simply going to the Google Play website at www.play.google.com. You can search and browse the applications on the website without any problems by entering their names or waiting for the browsers to load completely.
  2. 2 Use your Google account. You should be signed in with the same Google account you use on your Android phone or tablet for this to work. Using this account, browse the apps and then click the “Install” button on the website to remotely install the app on your phone or tablet. If you have multiple Android devices, you can select the one you want to install the app on. Your phone or tablet will start downloading the app and installing it for you. Advertising
  1. 1 Change your mobile settings. Compared to iOS devices, Android devices support sideloading, which allows you to install apps from somewhere other than Google Play. However, this option is disabled by default for security reasons. To enable sideloading, open the Settings app on your Android, then tap on the “Security” category to open the list. Turn on “Unknown sources”. By doing this, you make your cell phone vulnerable to Android malware. If you enable this setting, it is your responsibility to install applications carefully.
  2. 2 Get an Android application. Now that you have enabled this setting, you can start downloading Android applications in .APK format and install them on your device. To do this, download the .APK file to your Android browser and then open it from the “Downloads” application. You can also download the APK file from your computer and copy it to your Android file system via a USB cord. Use the “File Manager” application to find the APK file, then tap it to start installing it. Advertising
  1. 1 Get third-party apps from other stores. With pirated game downloads enabled, you can now install third-party app stores that give you access to free apps every day.
  2. 2 Install games from third-party applications. After installing third-party applications, you can launch them by pressing their icons. Now you can search for games and then press “Download” to start downloading the games you wanted to get. Advertising


  • Remember that you should be careful when using third-party application stores. An untrusted store that distributes pirated applications can be a source of malware.
  • It is best to choose Humble Bundle or Amazon Appstore for downloading free game applications.

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